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The Evil Empire, and how to fix it.

The Evil Empire.  To some, this phase can conjure images of Hitler Youth turning their backs on their own families in the pursuit of the “Ideal Society”.  For others, it is what they call the government that they think President Barack Obama is trying to usher in by expanding social programs.  For some it is the American Empire that radical Republicans are trying to create with their heavy-handed military strategies.  For others it is synonymous with the New World Order, the one world government of the elite that seeks to control every aspect of our life.

NWO and other grand conspiracies are fed by man’s fervent need to feel that there is a grand plan, that someone is controlling things and pulling all of the strings – even if it is not them.  For me, The Evil Empire (TEE) is nothing so grandiose.  I rely on man’s greed and desire for power to be so great that any hopes of a NWO are destroyed by the fact that for NWO order to work, someone has to be in charge, they can’t all be.  I consider TEE to be individual companies, politicians, the media and other bozos, each with their own needs, wants and motivations.  These organizations really have not much to do with each other, although in such a connected world they inevitably have contact.  I’ll touch on each of the three categories of members of TEE.

Governments:  Every single one.  All of them.  Ours too.  And not Barack Obama’s government.  Not George Bush’s government.  All of our government.  Democrats, Republicans, Liberals, Conservatives.  They all want what they think is best for them, or (the few good ones) what is best for us.  In doing so they make decisions that guide our lives on a daily basis.  Taxes, business law, criminal law, family law, environmental law, everything.  This part of TEE has nobody to answer to but us, and we are too busy bickering over who is part of The Evil Empire to realize that they all are, and we keep them there.

Companies:  The idea of Corporations is not a bad thing.  Corporations bring us the devices that you are reading this with, the food in our refrigerator, the wheels on our cars, everything.  Someone has to make things, someone has to distribute things, and someone has to sell things.  Hippies think about a world where we just barter with each other.  There would be a guy who grew things, and a guy who healed us, a guy who built homes, a guy who bakes bread, and we all could just trade with each other for what we needed.  Well guess what hippie.  We do have that, they are called Farmers, Doctors, Carpenters and Bakers.  The companies make sure they get paid and can distribute goods, and we “barter” with money.  The money that the company we work for uses to barter with us for our services.   The problem is, that companies get big, and soon the guys who run these companies are making mountains of money, and are surrounded by people who are afraid to tell them how crazy they are getting at the top.  These companies end up taking shortcuts to save money, deciding what is wrong or right, when we should do things, what we should say (or be allowed to hear), or even what we should be allowed to do with our own property, intellectual and otherwise.

Media:  The media.  Well, I should say the Media.  Capital M.  They are the ones who consider themselves the REAL media.  When I was a kid, the news went this way:  First would be all the breaking news and the important world and national events.  Next would be the fluff filler and the weather.  Last, there might or might not be something called an Editorial.  An editorial is a piece of journalism that reflects the opinions of the person who wrote it or company that publishing it.  The problem is that now, 90% of what you see on the “news” is fluff or editorial, and many people consider anything a celebrity says to be truth.  It is so difficult for Americans to form their own opinions when your most popular news sources are spouting 100% editorial.  Rush Limbaugh, Bill Maher, Glen Beck, Janine Garafalo and Rob Reiner will all say whatever it takes to convince you that whatever they believe is not only right, but a fact.

Other Bozos:  Part 1:  Well lawyers for one.  Lawyers are a good idea in principle, but in practice have become leaches on our society.  They usurp the role of the Judge, by interpreting the law for themselves and finding a judge who will agree with them to make a new right and wrong.  Let me tell you a story.  A few years ago I was shaving with a new razor.  One of the blades was apparently loose, and it came off while I was shaving, giving me a nasty cut.  It healed.  I lived.  I sent a letter to the company to let them know what happened.  They sent me back a letter, with a free package of razors in it.  They promised to check the batch for any potential issues, and promised to do their best to make sure that this remains an extremely rare occurence.  You know what?  I believe them.  Whether they make good on their promise because it is the right thing to do, or because it makes financial sense not to slice up your customers, I know they followed up on that.  Three months ago, someone in New York State was cut by a razor of a different brand.  The cut was less than one inch long and only on the surface, like mine.  He sued the company and won over three million dollars, because he was too traumatized by the cut to ever shave himself again.  He supposedly had to take sedatives, and then hire someone to shave him each evening before he went to bed.  Now I don’t know about you, but I think that either this man was lying, or he needed more than just sedatives long before he cut himself.  Do you think that this man thought to himself, “Self, this cut is worth three million dollars.”  No, I don’t think so either, but I’m sure that the lawyer he spoke to said “Lawyer-Self, 40% of three million dollars would really go a long way towards that new Gulfstream V I’ve been wanting.”  Lawyers cost us millions of dollars every day, and more importantly, they rob us of our integrity and our ability to work out our problems for ourselves.

Other Bozos:  Part 2:  You.  Me.  Everyone.  Why are we a part of the evil empire?  Well here’s why you are evil, and so am I.  Everything I have spoken about above this line.  Every Politician, every Corporation, Every Lawyer can get away with EVERYTHING they are doing for one simple reason.  Because we let them.  Because we have transformed ourselves into a nation of passengers, not drivers.

We have become a nation of greedy pacifists, even those of us who want to revolt, to stand up and shout, “This is not the way it’s supposed to be” will not do so.  We are supposed to work together for the good of humanity, not at the expense of it.  The problem is that the only people who ever stand up for what is right are so few in number and so polarized that they are easily dismissed as right or left-wing nut jobs, as radicals on either side of the center.  By standing together we each become stronger.   By finding the center we can speak with one voice.  If everyone starts being willing to find the center and we slowly start shouting with one voice people will listen, and they will begin to raise their own voices in unison.  Will you raise your voice?  Will you stand with the man next door to you who voted for a different way?  What if he takes a step towards you, will you take one towards him?  If this was 1776, would you risk your land, your livelihood and your life to stand up for what is right, and to fight, and to put everything on the line so that your children could live in a better world?  Would you really?  Well what if all you risked were some sidelong glances?  That’s all you have to risk now for your voice to be heard.  But twenty years from now that might not be so.

I have news for you ladies and gentlemen.  It’s 1776 right now.  Who will stand up for what is right?  Who will raise their voice with me?  Will you?



  Tom France wrote @

Well said Brutha! I’m gonna re-post this! And all along I thought you were a Dem.. you are a patriot like me! :p

  politicalcenter wrote @

I am a patriot, even if it means saying that the government is wrong sometimes. Being a patriot is standing up for the ideals of this country, even when it might not benefit you specifically, as long as it benefits the whole in the long run.

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